Cattle Services

Herd health
We offer comprehensive herd health services

Pregnancy diagnosis

  • Fast, efficient and accurate pregnancy diagnosis
  • We use the latest in Ultrasound technology from IMV Imaging (Easy Scan:Go) with wireless display capabilities that allow our producers to visualize live images during the herd check.
    Early pregnancy diagnosis
  • Accurate staging for all ages of pregnancy
  • Detection of reproductive abnormalities (pyometras, adhesion formation, non-cycling ovaries, cystic ovaries)
    Fetal sexing

Protocol development

  • Vaccination protocols specifically designed to protect against the risks on your operation and developed within your management capabilities
  • Reproduction program development specifically designed for your herd
  • Sick cow protocol development

On-farm training

  • Training employees in areas of sick cow treatment, milking parlor procedures and milk sampling, young stock and colostrum management, drug administration, dystocia and other training sessions available.
  • Training available in English, Spanish and Portuguese

Team meetings
We work as a team member for your farm and conduct regular meetings with farm managers, herdsmen, nutritionists and breeders to improve your operation.

Record analysis
We regularly review your records in areas of reproduction, milk quality and health to identify potential issues using DairyComp305 and other programs.

We offer our expertise to troubleshoot issues in areas of disease control and prevention, milk quality, transition cows, young stock management and facility design.

We are able to design a calf program that works for your operation.
Calf lung ultrasounding
Calf lung ultrasounding is a useful management tool that can identify chronic lung disease and help in making culling decisions and in evaluating treatment.

24/7 Emergency Services

Dystocias (Difficult calvings)
We are highly trained in difficult calvings

  • Equipment assisted calvings
  • Fetotomies
  • C-sections

Displaced abomasum
Laceration repairs
Mass removals
Hernia repairs

Sick and down cow work
Our veterinarians are highly trained at diagnosing and treating all diseases of dairy cattle.

Breeding soundness exams
We can evaluate your bull for breeding by taking several measurements and evaluating semen quality with a microscope.

Elective surgeries
Cattle castration
Cattle ovarian-spay
Cosmetic and conventional dehorning, including sedation

Regulatory Work

Brucellosis vaccination
Fast and efficient brucellosis vaccination for heifers aged 4mo-12mo. Of age. We additionally cut extra teat ends.

Health documents
We are fully licensed with the USDA to provide health certificates< We are able to provide health documents within 24 hours for an additional feeTrichomonas testing
We are fully licensed with the USDA to perform Trichomonas testing on bulls

Tuberculosis testing
We are fully licensed with the USDA to perform TB testing on bulls

Veterinary Feed Directive
We are able to formulate and provide you with a VFD if you have a valid VCPR (Veterinary-Client-Patient Relationship)

Diagnostic services
In order to investigate disease and cause of death we perform post-mortem examinations. These necropsies can aid in choosing the appropriate vaccine and antibiotic for the disease.

Advanced reproductive technology (In partnership with Embryo Inc.)
In-Vitro Fertilization
Embryo Transfer

Small Ruminant Services

Pregnancy diagnosis
We use the latest in ultrasound technology for accurate pregnancy detection (IMV Easy Scan:Duo with wireless display for visualization of live images)

24/7 Emergency services
Assisted lambing and kidding
Sick animal work

Preventative medicine
Herd vaccination protocol development made specifically for your operation
Herd parasite prevention program development made specifically for your operation

Elective surgery
Castration, including scrotal ablation in sheep and goats
Spay procedures for females
Dehorning for sheep and goats, including sedation
Hoof trimming for sheep and goats, including sedation


Sheep and goat herd nutritional consulting
Sheep and goat milk quality consulting

Advanced reproductive technology
Laproscopic artificial insemination services

Milk Laboratory

We provide a full service milk laboratory in partnership with ReproResults offering the following services

Milk culturing
Our milk laboratory is ran by a group of well-trained technicians and is overseen by our veterinary staff.
Milk testing for Mycoplasma included in standard testing
Reports and graphs of results emailed to client on regular basis
Veterinary support and treatment recommendations are provided for culture results

Pregnancy testing
Idexx Milk and Blood Pregnancy Test

Advanced Reproductive Laboratory
We now offer advanced reproductive solutions for your large and small ruminants, these include: OPU, Flush and Lap AI.